ADC_ETC initial delay units?

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ADC_ETC initial delay units?

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I'm using the imxrt1052 ADC and ADC_ETC to measure a couple of supply voltages. I would like to add an initial delay so that the voltages stabilize to the ADC input before sampling. There is an initialDelay member to the adc_etc_trigger_config_t struct but it's not clear what the units are?

The reference manual says something about 'counter ticks', so I assume this is something to do with the ADC clock? Is there a register I can read this value from so that I can calculate a real delay in microseconds or milliseconds?

For now I've inserted a delay of 100000000U which is obviously a high number, indicating that whatever units this 'counter' is using, are quite small.

FYI: There are FETs used to only turn on the input to the ADC when I want to take a measurement, which is why I need a bit of time for the voltage to stabilize before sampling.

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