ZeD cannot find "Zigbee coordinator"

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ZeD cannot find "Zigbee coordinator"

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I am trying to put together this home automation system from 2010. I installed codewarrior development studio and beekit wireless connectivity toolkit. And then I followed Beestack step-by-step demonstration up until step 9, where ZeD is supposed to find the "ZigBee Coordinator" in the coordinator selection window but it doesnot. And so, I am unable to see the device icons and work further on. 

Main Items are:

1321x-SRB programmed (amount :4)
1321x-NCB programmed (3)
PE micro USB Multilink Interface (1)

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Pratiksha,

Please look at the packets in the air if the customer has the permit join enable.

Sorry, but we no longer support/recommend BeeKit. Nonetheless, I checked in my available resources to look up for the file you mention and it does not seem to be available anymore, the only information which is available is the one in the web page.


You can check our available ZigBee devices in this Zigbee Mesh Networking Protocol | NXP web page, I would recommend you to check the JN5169 and the KW41Z


Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause you.



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