Videos testing out Freescale Cup kit

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Videos testing out Freescale Cup kit

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Videos testing out Freescale Cup kit

Couple of new videos.

This time I am running the FRDM-TFC library demo code written by Eli Hughes without any change at all-- successfully on my car.

I have had the 0 ohm R24 res replaced with a higher one thanks to the soldering skills of David DiCarlo!

The first video highlights demo modes 0 through 3:

Car demos - YouTube

Demo 0- test buttons and switches

Demo 1- test servo

Demo 2- test motors

Second, I was able to get my little o-scope (xprotolab) to capture the camera analog out-- here:

Camera testing - YouTube

No major coding done but I understand the library and ports on the boards much better now.   Still haven't resolved the 'whining' apparent when I enable the H-bridge but I will try a few things this week-- it is possible it is harmless.

Next steps, buffering camera data then on to control loops!


Oh, I was also able to get the serial port working while code was running so I could get some dynamic feedback.

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The "whining" you are hearing is the switching currents through the motor.    There is a macro in the code that sets the switching frequency of the PWM/H-Bridge Circuit.     I think the default tis 4KHz :-)

In my car I modulate in real-time to "hear" different stuff to debug the car....

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