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Qorivva Summary

The first step of starting your TFC project is to get to know your microcontroller. This article serves you as an introduction of Qorivva MPC560xB microcontroller.

Qorivva MPC5604B Summary

The Qorivva MPC560xB/C/D family of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) includes the latest in integrated devices for automotive electronics applications. These scalable Power Architecture® devices are supported by an enablement ecosystem that includes software drivers, operating systems and configuration code to help you quickly implement your designs. 

For the Freescale Cup Challenge, we have provided Tutorials, example code and projects which are based on the trk-mpc5604b StarterTRAK evaluation board.


Which Chip do you have?

The chipset mounted on the boards for the Freescale Cup can vary. Always validate your chipset to know it's full capabilities.
MPC560xB Product Information Page

Difference's At-a-Glance:
5604B = 512MB Flash; no DMA
5606B = 1MB Flash; Has 16-Channel DMA
5607B = 1.5Mb Flash; Has 16-Channel DMA

Getting Started Presentation

Getting Started with MPC5600B.pptx (2Mb)

Important Resources:

e200z0 Core Reference Manual

TRK-MPC5604B User's Manual
TRK-MPC5604BQuick Reference Guide
TRK-MPC5604B Schematics
Reference manual

Freescale's Qorivva MPC560xB Page

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