MathWorks Support for The NXP Cup

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MathWorks Support for The NXP Cup

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MathWorks Support for The NXP Cup

MathWorks is a proud global sponsor of The NXP Cup

If you are a member of a NXP Cup team, you have access to a complimentary Software License for MATLAB / Simulink. Visit the NXP Cup - MathWorks Deutschland website to learn more about the Software offering. 

Examples for using Simulink in the NXP Cup are packaged with the Simulink Coder Support Package for  FRDM-KL25Z available from the Hardware Support Page.  Additional examples for reading and analyzing live data from the Line Scan Camera are available in the NXP Cup Companion App available on the MATLAB File Exchange.  Additionally, there is an example which uses the Simulink Coder product from MathWorks to target the FRDM-KL25Z.

Feel free to use the forum on MATLAB Answers or here below to ask your questions about MATLAB use with The NXP Cup.  You can also email with any questions.

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