Kinetis K40 Course

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Kinetis K40 Course

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Kinetis K40 Course

Updated: May 7, 2013 - Added 6 new chapters


Ken Hsu, Rochester Institute of Technology

Dan Cheung, Rochester Institute of Technology

Sam Skalicky, Rochester Institute of Technology


Written using the TWR-K40N512. Most of the knowledge is transferable to any of the Kinetis K family of devices.

The Freescale Tower System is a modular development platform that allows rapid prototyping and re-use through interchangeable modules. A few of the modules are serial modules for Ethernet and other serial interfaces, wireless modules, audio modules, and blank proto-boards to build your own circuit.

CodeWarrior 10.1 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a new version of CodeWarrior based on the Eclipse IDE. It provides features such as instruction level debugging, disassembly, access to device registers while debugging, processor expert, and more. It is designed to be used with Freescale’s latest microcontrollers.


  1. Introduction
  2. General Purpose I/O
  3. Multipurpose Clock Generator
  4. Interrupts and Timers
  5. Serial I/O
  6. I2C
  7. Digital to Analog Converter
  8. Analog to Digital Converter
  9. Analog to Digital Interrupts
  10. Flex Timer Module
  11. Real Time Clock
  12. Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
  13. Digital Signal Processing (DSP)  [Draft State]
  14. Capacitive Touch

Complete course files restricted to verified faculty only.  Available for download in the Faculty-Portal

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