Freescale Cup Servo Assembly

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Freescale Cup Servo Assembly

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Freescale Cup Servo Assembly

How to install a servo horn.  More specifically for the Freescale Cup kit. [no audio]

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Thanks-- how do you position the servo angle before applying the horn so that is has full range of motion?  I feel like it has to be hooked up electrically first to ensure you can zero out the position before final assembly.

You will have to adjust it once you power up and write a program to "zero" out your servo. 

Yes—definitely don’t hook up servo to steering mechanism until absolutely sure all is ok controlling it. Adding guard bands to software to prevent ‘over steer’ that might hurt physical mechanism.

The video comes with sound? because I don't hear anything....

Best regards,

no sound is intentional.  I need to buy a nice microphone and find a much quieter place to record!

No Sound is good.  Message delivered.

Next we'll have BW videos :smileywink:

Charlie Chaplin is in town.

It says to have servo in 0 degrees before securing the arms. Shouldn't it be in neutral position (90 degrees) for the car to go straight?

My understanding is that the course of a servo can be 90, 180 or 360 deg. clockwise. 0 is the point of course start.

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