T2080 custom board netwrok error and aditional CPU SMP Core can`t be enabled

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T2080 custom board netwrok error and aditional CPU SMP Core can`t be enabled

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Hello everyone,


we have successfully run the vxworks 7 on T2080 RDB. However we have found two problems on our custom board(the vxworks 7 image is same as on T2080 RDB). We replaced the network PHY chip RTL8211EG with the RTL8211FI( the main different is the extend register). The problems are descirbed as follows:


Problem 1,Network error :

In uboot,

When we use uboot to download the Vxworks 7 at the first time (TFTP server), the first package received by uboot has wrong numbers compare with the original sent packageshowing in picture 1&2. However when restart uboot netdrive again to download the vxworks 7 by the same way, everything works normally.

In Vxworks 7,

the network function cannot work. The Rx info in command “ifconfig” is always 0 byte. We use the wireshark tool and print in RxHandle ISR, the data of the print is totally different from the data of the PC sent(showing in picture 3&4).

 Problem 2, CPU smp enable timeout failed

Only one core with two threads can be enabled(totally 4 cores with 8 threads in the chip) . This problem happens in both uboot and vxworks 7(showing in picture 5&6).

Please see the attachment for more information.

Wish your answer and help.






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the problem still alive,really hope someone give some advice~thanks so much~

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