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I am evaluating a MPXV7002DP for a HVAC application measuring a range of 0-5"WC.  The performance of the sensor is fine, but I have some concerns about the surface mounting with out any type of board locks or mechanical support.  Often people do not treat these devices with the care they require, and I have already had one ripped of the board when attempting to remove a hose.  I have thought about using an epoxy to provide a stronger mechanical connection, but repair and rework would be difficult. 

Has anyone had any experience with using a bracket, standoffs and screws to provide more support to the sensor?  Or is there a different package with board locks/screw holes built in?

Thanks - Brian

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Brian,

Unfortunately there are no recommended way to fix surface mount pressure sensors to the board other then try to glue it or use an epoxy. We have no experience using bracket, standoffs or screws on this surface mount devices.

About using a different package, unfortunately the MPXV7002DP does not have a different package for the Differential Configuration. You would need to change the part number, the pressure sensor with the lowest pressure range that comes in a unibody package is the MPX5010DP (case 867C-05) with a measurement range from 0 to 10kPa.

This unibody package have 2 holes so you can screw it to the board as mentioned in the application note AN936.

Have a great day,
Jose Reyes

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