MPX2300DT Usage voltage and pressure inquiry

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MPX2300DT Usage voltage and pressure inquiry

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Nice to meet you.
I have some questions.

1. Supply voltage question
    - Supply voltage [min] [v]: Is it 1V?
       (Supply voltage range from 1V to 10V)
    - I am trying to drive the MPX2300DT with a voltage of 3V. Is it possible?

2. Pressure question
    - Is the MPX2300DT unusable with +/- pressure? (Not absolute?)
    - Is it possible to use +20kPa / -20kPa with 20kpa set to 0 in the range of 40kPa?

I wait for your reply.

Thank you.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Hyuck,

1. The recommended supply voltage for MPX2300DT is 6V, but the device is capable to work at 3V. The device is ratiometric, so the output voltage of the device will be lowered by the same amount as you lower the supply voltage (3V/6V = 0.5).

2. The MPX2300DT is designed to operate only with positive differential pressure applied.

Best regards,