s32K148 ADC continuous mode

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s32K148 ADC continuous mode

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I used S32K 148. When I collected ADC, there was a great chance that there would be a big error.When I look at the data sheet, I find the following passage is not very clear.Can you explain it to me in detail?


  • ADC performance specifications are documented using a

single ADC. For parallel/simultaneous operation of both

ADCs, either for sampling the same channel by both ADCs

or for sampling different channels by each ADC, some

amount of decrease in performance can be expected. Care

must be taken to stagger the two ADC conversions, in

particular the sample phase, to minimize the impact of

simultaneous conversions.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, it means simultaneous operation of both ADC may induce unspecified decreasing of performance (caused by crosstalk) what’s however may not be issue for certain applications.

For accurate conversion only one ADC needs to be active in the sampling phase.

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