Programming Tools for on-board S32K148

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Programming Tools for on-board S32K148

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Hello Guys!

I am using S32K148 in my design and currently, I am working with the S32K148 evaluation board fro development, which has the OpenSDA support for programming and debugging. As the design will soon go into the production, I wanted to know about the available / best tools for programming the standalone MCUs.

Do you suggest any particular combination of Programming tool (Hardware) + software UI, which can be used for flashing the S32K MCUs on the assembled PCBs?

Thanks in advance!

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Prasann Rawke

OpenSDA supports P&EMicro, Segger and CMSIS-DAP interface, so you can check and use any of the available options on those pages. It exists the Multilink FX from PEMicro and the Jlink from Segger, both of them have command line fro script files or GUIs which ease the programming for this MCUs.

Have a great day,

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