How to send/receive 64bit or longer message using SPI

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How to send/receive 64bit or longer message using SPI

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Currently, I have to implement to send/receive 64bit(4*16bits) and longer SPI messages using S32K144.

I'm using S32K144 EVB and S32 Design Studio for ARM 2.2


With the LPSPI example code in S32 Design Studio, I tested 64bit SPI transfer 

But, I didn't work properly.

I changed CONT register to "True", after then if 4 messages were transferred

Also, I changed CONT register to "False"

But, the result was different from my expectation. 


So, I have several questions about the SPI implementation


 1. How to send/receive 64bit(2Byte * 4) SPI messages

     Which registers also have to be modified from the initial SPI example code?


 2. How to send/receive 12Bytes(2Bytes*6) and 168Bytes(2Bytes*84) SPI messages also 

     Which kinds of things have to be modified together


 3. How to observe SPI FIFO values?

     I heard the 4 FIFO buffer included in S32K144, Can I observe and monitor the FIFO buffer data?  


Due to the security policy of our company, I couldn't attach screenshot

If you need screenshot please let me know your e-mail


Thank you. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi TaehoLee,

Seems that you are refer S32K144_Project_LPSPI bare metal example. Then you can refer: AN5320 Using LPSPI on KL28Z

If you want to use the S32 SDK, please read the S32SDK_S32K144_UserManual.(C:\NXP\S32DS_ARM_v2.2\S32DS\software\S32SDK_S32K1xx_RTM_3.0.0\doc\S32SDK_S32K144_UserManual.pdf)

16.87 Low Power Serial Peripheral Interface (LPSPI).png

lpspi_dma_s32k144 and lpspi_transfer_s32k144 can be found in S32SDK S32K1xx RTM.

Best Regards,
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