Connect 2 EVB in daisy chain for JTAG boundary scan

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Connect 2 EVB in daisy chain for JTAG boundary scan

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Hi all, 

I need to test connect in daisy chain 2 S32K14x EVB to test/develop some programmer script. 

I don't see an "easy" way to perform this task, at least some soldering is required: PTA4 and PTA10 are 0Ohm DNP, that's the JTAG_TDO and JTAG_TMS. 

Furthermore, I don't see any easy way to bring back the JTAG_TDO to the programmer to close the loop because pins are routed to the jtag connector.

Did NXP foresaw the possibility to connect some EVB in daisy chain easily? 

Any hint on this point?

Thanks and best regards, 



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, I don't think this board would be designed for such simple connection for the daisy chain JTAG operation.

But your description is correct, you may connect TDI/TDO serially and TMS/TCK in parallel to achieve daisy chain operation. Loop connection TDI/TDO you will need to connect by separate wires, probably there is no other way.

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