S32DS for ARM 2.2 - Problem on callback of Rx FIFO

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S32DS for ARM 2.2 - Problem on callback of Rx FIFO

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We use can_pal.c moudle to implement CAN bus function.

System starts reception via CAN_Receive and install a callback function via CAN_InstallEventCallback.

                  Static void internalCallback(
                                        U32 interface, /**< CAN interface */
                                        can_event_t eventType, /**< The type of the event */
                                        U32 box, /**< Message box */
                                        void *state) /**< Internal driver state information */

When a CAN frame is received, the callback function is called correctly. 

However,  when we get message: ((flexcan_state_t*)state)->mbs->mb_message, it's not correct. 

After investigation, I found that in function:

               static inline void FLEXCAN_IRQHandlerRxFIFO(uint8_t instance, uint32_t mb_idx)

mb_message is cleared before calling the callback function by:


From my perspective, callback function SHOULD be called before completing receive data.

Please check it out. 


Matthew Xu

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