Debugging S32K148 with iC5000

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Debugging S32K148 with iC5000

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I'm trying to build an application in S32 Design Studio and debug it with iC5000. I'm using S32K148 evaluation board, so I created new project and selected S32K148 in EmbSys. The iC5000 refuses to download the resulting elf file and says the file is for Cortex-A5. I tried both "bare-metal" and standard S32DS toolchains, same result. Also I know for sure that the iC5000 works and is capable to debug this board, because I have a different toolchain (not using S32 Design Studio) that creates elf and I'm able to debug it in this setup.

Thank you in advance

Michael Pan

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Hello Michael,

        Have you solved your problems? If not, please contact me, maybe i can give your some suggestions.


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