9S12DJ256 and 9S12DJ256B differences

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9S12DJ256 and 9S12DJ256B differences

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Can someone point me to a document describing the differences between
9S12DJ256 and 9S12DJ256B
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NXP Employee
NXP Employee
Hi Jan,

There is no master document noting the differences (that I know off), but below I created a list of the differences that I know for sure. For the most part the device from a software and hardware perspective does not change. Most of the differences are fixes.

1) "B" and "non-B" are different in mask set numbers, therefore review the new erratas list. Old erratas should be corrected. "B" is 0/1K79X and "non-B" is L91N/L01Y.

2) The Flash & EEPROM reliability characteristics on the "non-B" device is improved compared to the "B" devices. Look at Table A-12 for both device datasheets to see changes to NVM reliability.

"B" datasheet:
"non-B" datasheet: http://www.freescale.com/files/microcontrollers/doc/data_sheet/9S12DT256DGV3.pdf

3) The CRG block has been rev'd to support "Pierce Oscillator" configuration on "non-B" parts as opposed to "Colpitts Oscillator" only on "B" parts.

4) Minor tweaks to SPI and PIM. Modules were rev'd from SPIV2 to SPIV4 and PIMV2 to PIMV3 going from "B" parts to "non-B" parts.

I hope this helps.

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