Rapid IoT - Zigbee project example

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Rapid IoT - Zigbee project example

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Rapid IoT - Zigbee project example

Please find attached to this post an example of ZigBee running on 2 (or more) Rapid IoT kits allowing to transfer data from one to the other over ZigBee.

The zipped package contains:

- A user guide explaining how to run the demo step by step

- The binaries required to flash the demo wo compiling code

- The binaries needed to rever back the Rapid IoT kit to factory mode

- The demo code so you can rapidly adapt it to your needs

- A SDK library needed to modify and recompile code when needed

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Attached is a graphical view of how ZigBee is enabled- nice work Bruno Lemesle ! More details in the User Guide

JayZigBee example.PNG

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