Rapid IoT Kit Out Of Box Demo (Deployed) firmware.bin

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Rapid IoT Kit Out Of Box Demo (Deployed) firmware.bin

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Rapid IoT Kit Out Of Box Demo (Deployed) firmware.bin


please find attached an updated version of the Out of the Box application. 

This version is 'public' meaning that once falshed on a kit any one can connect to it.

Key changes compared to previous version:

- Bug fix: when switching back and forth BLE / THREAD /BLE, kits were rebooting once BLE connection was established

- Default display brightness was reduced leading to ballpark 15% longer battery life

- CCS811 sensor update was decreased from once every second to once every 10s which will save 10 to 15% battery life more

- UARTover USB has been enabled allowing user to track / debug using a terminal while the kit is connected to a PC 

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NXP Semiconductors Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit (SLN-RPK-NODE) is designed to take developers mykfcexperience from an Internet of Things (IoT) idea to proof of concept (PoC), in a matter of minutes.

Thanks, now how do I reflash the Rapid-IoT device?


Please see p108 in the User Guide:


Once put in MSD mode, it is just a drag and drop from a PC.



This is the only one tha works by me, can you send me the exported (atmo) file? Perhaps i can find out then why this is the only one working, all the rapid iot studio examples stay hanging in there provisioning.

Thanks in advance,

Hans Volbeda


I bought a SLN-RPK-NODE module. I load it with this version of firmware: Rapid IoT Kit Out Of Box Demo (Deployed) firmware.bin. I try to connect on Bluetooth from my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy A51 using the Atmosphere IoT application but I did not succeed even on the modul is displayed the message Pairing successful!. The mobile application does not find any Bluetooth device.

I tried also to connect with Putty from my laptop. Here you have the messages received from the module:

.NXP_RapProt_usb_serial_BT_pairing  4.jpg

Thank you,


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