RGMII ports on LS1046A do not work

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RGMII ports on LS1046A do not work

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my equipment: two LS1046ARDB boards with QorIQ SDK v2.0-1703 firmware. There are two SGMII RJ45 ports and two RGMII RJ45 ports on the board. The SGMII works fine from both u-boot and linux (SDK). But the RGMII works only in u-boot (tested using tftp).

The u-boot messages shows 6 interfaces, that corresponds to 2 x SGMII, 2 x RGMII, 10G and SFP+:

> Fman1: Uploading microcode version 108.4.9

In the Linux (SDK), there are two errors printed by fsl_dpa:

> [ 1.352601] fsl_dpa: FSL DPAA Ethernet driver
> [ 1.357036] fsl_dpa fsl,dpaa:ethernet@2: of_find_device_by_node(/soc/fman@1a00000/ethernet@e4000) failed
> [ 1.366516] fsl_dpa: probe of fsl,dpaa:ethernet@2 failed with error -22
> [ 1.373153] fsl_dpa fsl,dpaa:ethernet@3: of_find_device_by_node(/soc/fman@1a00000/ethernet@e6000) failed
> [ 1.382632] fsl_dpa: probe of fsl,dpaa:ethernet@3 failed with error -22
> [ 1.391937] fsl_dpa: fsl_dpa: Probed interface eth0
> [ 1.399497] fsl_dpa: fsl_dpa: Probed interface eth1
> [ 1.407247] fsl_dpa: fsl_dpa: Probed interface eth2
> [ 1.415205] fsl_dpa: fsl_dpa: Probed interface eth3

And later there are just 4 interfaces - two SGMII, one 10G and one for SFP+ cage. No RGMII.

When I boot the alternative Linux image (Tiny Distro), it shows all the interfaces (eth0-eth5) and the RGMII interfaces are among them, working nicely. There are no 'error -22' messages in the dmesg.

So I assume the issue is within kernel.itb image that I use. I tried prebuilt image from SDK, and it shows same 'error -22' messages on RGMII interfaces.

What I am missing? Does someone had anything similar?

Thanks in advance for any help or clues!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Jonas M,

Please check whether you are also using u-boot image from SDK v2.0-1703.

Previously we have a patch in u-boot for correcting FMAN frequency setting in linux device tree.

We also encountered the similar issue as you described if missing this patch.

If your problem remains, please attach the whole u-boot and Linux Kernel booting up console log.

Have a great day,

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Hello Yiping,

Could you please provide this patch. I'am using LSDK1806 firmware on LS1043A custom board that has one RGMII interface. The port is not working at all while it was working (though with timeout errors on data transfer) with SDK 2.0-1703.

Best Regard.

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