POE data link layer classification

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POE data link layer classification

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I am developementing a network router based on LS1046ARB.

And AQR107 is uesd as a 10G Ethernet Phychip and the shchematic of the router is same as LS1046ARB.

Our router need to support POE function as a 802.3at type2  or 802.3bt type3  PD.

In both case, it is required to support POE HW and  Data Link Layer classification protocal as a PD.

And the POE HW classification will be done in the PD module that we are going to use, but Data Link Layer classification protocal should be performed by MCU Sofware.

Can LS1046A SW support this  Data Link Layer classification protocal or Can sample cord for Data Link Layer classification protocal provided?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

As far as I understand, you are talking about LLDP, Link Layer Discovery
Protocol used by IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3bt for attached device
classification. This protocol if supported by LS1046A since
general IEEE803.2 frame structure is supported. It is also relatively simple
to create FMC parsing rules to send frames belonging to this protocol
to a separate FQ, should that be required. However, I cannot share any
ready code to handle LLDP.

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