Having A D5 RED LED issue with new P3041DS board (SuperHydra)

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Having A D5 RED LED issue with new P3041DS board (SuperHydra)

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I'm having some issues with a new P3041DS board. Following a VxWorks guide, I was able to flash the bootApp.bin properly. And copied the pre-flashed RCW to the correct location. I get a red D5 LED and no terminal information after following step 2.7 ( Dip switch setting: SW#7[1,2,3,4] = [OFF,ON,OFF,OFF] ). When turning it back on, I just get a D5 RED LED and no terminal throughput.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I might be doing wrong? As far as the rest of the dip switches, I've tried both the VxWorks recommended dip switch setting, AND the default dip switch settings on the sheet provided with the development system. They are slightly different.

Also, it looks like our Code Warrior TAP that was included is DOA. Providing power to it, there is no orange light in the TX/RX LED. It's just completely dead. Has anyone ever experienced an issue where the Code Warrior TAP is DOA or do you have any hints on how to make it work? (Again I followed all of the extremely vague and crappy instructions for setting it up and connecting it to the board).

Newbie embedded guy here. Take it easy on me.

Here's a snippet of a guide I followed:

   2.5 Programming the Freescale P3041DS flash

        VxWorks 653 bootrom is stored on the bank#4 of the on-board NOR flash.

        Type the following commands in the U-Boot shell.

        tftp 1000000 bootApp.bin

        protect off ebf00000 +100000

        erase ebf00000 +100000

        cp.b 1000000 ebf00000 100000

        protect on ebf00000 +100000

        cmp.b 1000000 ebf00000 100000

    TFTP may take some time as U-Boot may try each network port.

    2.6 Copy the pre-flashed RCW to the correct location for new boot loader

        protect off ec000000 +50

        erase ec000000 +50;

        cp.b e8000000 ec000000 50

        protect on ec000000 +50

        cmp.b e8000000 ec000000 50

        Note: this step only needs to be done once, when the bootrom is loaded

        onto a new board for the first time. If the bootrom is upgraded later,

        the existing copy of the RCW can be retained.

    2.7 Change SW#7 to choose VxWorks 653 bootrom bank (bank#4)

        SW#7[1,2,3,4] = [OFF,ON,OFF,OFF]

3. Running the VxWorks 653 boot loader

        Power the target back on. After a few seconds, the VxWorks 653 boot loader

        banner should appear <-NOPE, Just a Red D5 LED and no terminal output.

        If this is the first time a VxWorks 653 boot loader has been loaded onto this

        board, all boot parameters have to be set up. Please refer to section Boot Methods

        below for details. In addition, MAC addresses of these DTSEC ports need to be set.

        Use 'N [0-5]' command from the [VxWorks 653 Boot]: prompt to set the

        MAC addresses for all of the network ports. These will be stored in


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