Questions about FS84 watchdog

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Questions about FS84 watchdog

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We've been powering the MCU S32R274 with FS8410 the PMIC.

To using the normal mode,we pulled the DBG pin down to ground.But we found a Reset problem which is happening during the power up sequence.After a closer read to the datesheet,we found it's because we didn't making the first good watchdog refresh during the 256ms open window of INIT_FS..

While our embedded engineer found that the MCU need about 1s to complete it's own initialization after being powerd in debug mode of PMIC,so it's impossible to given the first good watchdog refresh in time.

Please tell us how to refresh the watchdog exactly.It would be better if there's any documents about it.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Wen,


We have many customers using the FS8410 to power the S32R274. The S32R274 can make the first good watchdog refresh during the 256ms open window of INIT_FS. I do not know the details of the S32R274 software driver, I would recommend you to ask for help in the S32R/MPC5xxx community.  


Best regards,


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Hi Tomas,


Thank you for your reply.I'll take your advice and give it another try.


Thanks agin,WenChao.

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