Yocto ROOT_HOME in fsl_image_minimal

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Yocto ROOT_HOME in fsl_image_minimal

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When I build fsl-image-minimal (for P1010RDB), SDK 1.7, and boot the resulting image, I get an error message that the home directory (/root) doesn't exist.

I've also found that /sbin isn't in the path.

From what I read of the Yocto documentation, ROOT_HOME should be set to /home/root by default, which is what I want, but something seems to be overriding the default.

When I try to override the override by setting ROOT_HOME = "/home/root" in local.conf, there's no joy, same error.

Any ideas?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello John Adamson,

In the default minimal image, root folder is in "/home/root/" and "sbin" is in "/sbin".

What boot parameters do you use?

For example, if you use ramdiskfile boot, you need to specify the following boot parameters.

setenv ramboot ' setenv bootargs root=/dev/ram rw console=$consoledev,$baudrate $othbootargs; tftp $ramdiskaddr $ramdiskfile;tftp $loadaddr $bootfile;tftp $fdtaddr $fdtfile;bootm $loadaddr $ramdiskaddr $fdtaddr'

And SD boot is similar as the following.

setenv sdboot 'setenv bootargs root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw rootdelay=5 console=$consoledev,$baudrate;mmcinfo;ext2load mmc 0:2 $loadaddr /boot/$bootfile_sd;ext2load mmc 0:2 $fdtaddr /boot/$fdtfile_sd;bootm $loadaddr - $fdtaddr'

If your problem remains, would you please share the whole boot log?

Have a great day,

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