[P2020RDB-PCA] Where is a physical pin for TSEC PPS signal?

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[P2020RDB-PCA] Where is a physical pin for TSEC PPS signal?

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Working on P2020RDB-PCA to test the precision time protocol (PTP), I have guessed there is a physical pin dedicated to PPS signal from TSEC_1588_PULSE_OUT1 (Package pin number: AH21) because someone seemed to use it (Generation of 1 PPS output signal from P2020 RD... | NXP Community).

With docs for P2020RDB, i.e. HW specification and reference manual, however I failed to find the pin I can access.

I think a schematic for P2020RDB is helpful, but it seems not available without NDA (Is there a schematic anywhere for the P2020RDB?).

Please let me know where I can find useful information or how to find the pin on P2020RDB-PCA.

Attached pictures are my board.

Hope to get the help soon.

Best regards.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Have a great day,

The P2020RDB schematic is not public. But you can create request for it and as result get NDA and schematics. Please see How I could create a Service Request? 

On your board 1588_PULSE_OUT1 (AH21) is connected to pin #4 of J6.


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