MC33664 back-to-back TPL communication

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MC33664 back-to-back TPL communication

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Hey community,

I would like to use the NXP TPL (two wire, differential signal) in a "back-to-back" configuration.

This means: Microcontroller-Board A is SPI Master and contains a MC33664 transceiver, which converts the SPI into NXP TPL. Then the signal is transferred accross a twisted pair cable and is received by Microcontroller-Board B. There is a second MC33664 which converts the TPL back into single ended SPI. This SPI should then be handled by Microcontroller B which is configured as SPI-Slave.

Will this work?

I can only find application examples where one MC33664 is used to connect to a daisy chain of multiple MC3377x cell monitoring ICs, but I never found a "back-to-back" implementation.

Purpose of that all: I would like to simulate the TPL output of a MC3377x IC by using a micrcocontroller. This simulated MC3377x is required to test the master unit of a battery management system.

Any feedback or alternative suggestions would be appreciated.

Best regards,



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Alex,

yes, it will work!

Keep in mind that the TPL bus is a half duplex medium (only one node can talk).

The fast response time (~3us) and interframe time (1~us) of the MC3377x device might be a challenge for the uC.

Schöne Grüße


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