Expected BDM command ACK missing with USBDM 4.12 and JMxx firmware

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Expected BDM command ACK missing with USBDM 4.12 and JMxx firmware

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Hi to all the community.

I have an issue with the USBDM 4.12 and JMxx firmware.

The resources i´m using are the following:

*- Board: (USBDM: USBDM RS08/HCS08/HCS12/Coldfire V1,2,3,4/D...) which uses the MC9S08JM60CLD chip.

*- Flash Image: we are using this version of the firmware for the JM60 chip (USBDM_CF_JMxxCLD_V4.sx).

*- The goal is to program Kinetis (K20 and K64) and Coldfire V2 targets using the stand alone programmers provided here (http://usbdm.sourceforge.net/USBDM_V4.12/USBDM_Fl...).

We programmed the Coldfire V2 targets successfully using the "CFVx Programmer" software, but we are having trouble programming the Kinetis targets, using the "ARM Programmer" software. 

The software recognice the interface (the firmware image and version) as you can see in the following capture:



but when we try to program/erase/detect-chip or any other action with the target, a pop up appears showing: "Expected BDM command ACK missing", and we can´t get over this point.


We try with diferent targets, using FRDM boards too, and the same error appears. 

The programmer board seems to be right (the PCB, routing, components, etc) because it works with the Coldfire V2 targets, and the cables we are using to program the Kinetis are the same we are using with the P&E micro programmer, and they work fine there.

Any idea which may be the cause of this or what can we do to solve this? Anyone with the same problem?

Any further information would be really appreciated.

Martin Mignone

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