NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K3xx Automotive Microprocessors Version 1.0.0

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NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K3xx Automotive Microprocessors Version 1.0.0

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NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K3xx Automotive Microprocessors Version 1.0.0


Product Release Announcement

Automotive Processing

NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox

for S32K3xx – version 1.0.0 RTM



The Automotive Processing, Model-Based Design Tools Team at NXP Semiconductors, is pleased to announce the release of the Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K3xx version 1.0.0. This release supports automatic code generation for S32K3xx peripherals and applications prototyping from MATLAB/Simulink for NXP S32K3xx Automotive Microprocessors. This new product adds support for S32K344 MCU and part of its peripherals, based on RTD MCAL components (ADC, PWM, MCL, DIO, CAN, SPI, GPT). It also adds support for FreeMASTER, AMMCLib, and Simulink simulation modes – Software-in-Loop, Processor-in-Loop, and External mode.

Moreover, this release adds the option to configure everything (pins/peripherals/clock) via an external configuration tool - S32 Configuration Tools or EB Tresos. The product comes with over 70 examples, covering everything that is supported, including a motor control application demo.

FlexNet Location:


Technical Support:

NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K3xx issues will be tracked through the NXP Model-Based Design Tools Community space.



Release Content

  • Automatic C code generation from MATLAB® for NXP S32K3xx derivatives:
    • S32K344
  • Support for the following peripherals (MCAL components):
    • ADC
    • PWM
    • MCL
    • CAN
    • SPI
    • GPT
    • DIO
  • Support for profiling execution times
  • Support for register R\W and memory R\W operations
  • Provides 2 modes of operation:
    • Basic User Mode – using pre-configured configurations for peripherals; useful for quick hardware evaluation and testing
    • Advanced User Mode – using S32Configuration Tool or EB Tresos to configure peripherals/pins/clocks
  • Integrates the Automotive Math and Motor Control Library release 1.1.24 for:

All functions in the Automotive Math and Motor Control Functions Library v1.1.24 are supported as blocks for simulation and embedded target code generation.



  • FreeMASTER Integration

We provide several Simulink example models and associated FreeMASTER projects to demonstrate how our toolbox interacts with the real-time data visualization tool and how it can be used for tuning embedded software applications.



  • Support for MATLAB versions

We added support for the following MATLAB versions:

  • R2020a
  • R2020b
  • R2021a
  • S32Design Studio Integration

We added a simple mechanism to provide users the opportunity to export the generated code from Simulink and import it directly into S32Design Studio. This functionality can be useful if the model needs to be integrated into an already existing project, as well as for debugging purposes.



  • Simulation modes:

We provide support for the following simulation modes (each of them being useful for validation and verification):

  • Software-in-Loop (SIL)
  • Processor-in-Loop (PIL)
  • External mode


  • Examples for every peripheral/function supported:

We have added over 70 new examples, including:

    • Motor control application
    • Communication (SPI, CAN)
    • AMMCLib
    • Timer control (GPT)
    • DIO
    • FreeMASTER
    • SIL / PIL / External mode

MATLAB® Integration

The NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox extends the MATLAB® and Simulink® experience by allowing customers to evaluate and use NXP’s S32K3xx MCUs and evaluation board solutions out-of-the-box with:


Target Audience

This release (1.0.0) is intended for technology demonstration, evaluation purposes, and prototyping S32K3xx MCUs and Evaluation Boards. 


Useful Resources

Examples, Training, and Support: https://community.nxp.com/community/mbdt




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