eIQ TensorFlow Lite Handwriting Demo

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eIQ TensorFlow Lite Handwriting Demo

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eIQ TensorFlow Lite Handwriting Demo


Application demo uses a model trained off the MNIST dataset to recognize individual handwritten digits written on the touch sensitive LCD screen. Thie model conversion can be found here: https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-344227.



The RT1060 SDK should already be installed in MCUXpresso IDE. Drag-and-drop the .zip file into the Project Explorer view, and then compile and flash.

NXP ProductsLink
i.MX RT1060 Evaluation Kiti.MX RT1060 Evaluation Kit | NXP 
4.3" LCD Panel4.3" LCD Panel RK043FN02H-CT | NXP 
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