Virtualized Network Platforms Deliver Smart Access & Smart Edge

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Virtualized Network Platforms Deliver Smart Access & Smart Edge

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Virtualized Network Platforms Deliver Smart Access & Smart Edge



Virtualized Network Platforms demonstrates the capability of QorIQ® Layerscape processors in virtualized Customer Premises and Provider edge solutions using Open System Architecture and Open Standards like OF, ODP and OPNFV.

NXP’s Layerscape processors represent the ideal union of processing power and hardware acceleration engines for SDN and NFV applications.

Layerscape processors are SDN and NFV ready with Dynamic Service Chaining support which enables a customizable network, meaning operators can add new services more quickly than legacy equipment would allow. Dynamic VNFs provide

end-to-end network virtualization and offload processing from edge to cloud.

The Layerscape platform software includes 3rd party commercial applications like Trend Micro™ and optimized open source applications which take advantage of NXP’s integrated hardware acceleration engines, Data Path Acceleration Architecture (DPAA) and AIOP to accelerate the data plane. The platform is user programmable and supports standard APIs such as ODP for easy application portability.



Demonstration of an SDN and NFV-based Virtualized Network Platform that enables bi-directional, dynamic and on-demand service delivery – by connecting access appliances (wired and wireless) to edge appliances and showcases traffic flow from different virtual network functions.


The access equipment can virtualize network processing such as firewall, anti-virus, and deep packet inspection (DPI) to the bigger network equipment (edge appliances) and enable service providers to push services (network appliances) to the access equipment. This solution demonstrates an "intelligent edge" such as a vCPE, empowered by the dynamic re-distribution of network processing by the virtualized access platform.

Service-chaining, Trend-Micro (DPI) and Quality of Service (QoS) are also demonstrated.


Demonstrates Docker® virtualization support on LS2085ARDB by running Docker-based virtual network function using SEC Hardware acceleration for showcasing Openssl benchmarking from vNF.


This Virtualized Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) solution is implemented with Open-Contrail, OpenNFV, OpenStack, OpenDaylight, OpenFlow, OpenVswitch and runs on NXP's QorIQ Layerscape LS Series 64-bit ARM platform. Specific solutions include the QorIQ LS1043 Wireless Gateway and the LS2085 Virtualized Edge Appliance.

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