Servomotor Arm

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Servomotor Arm

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Servomotor Arm



Within the industry it is necessary to use different types of motor control in which different ranges of precision or freedom of movement can be obtained. The servo motor control by pwm gives precise control by angles.


Required material


1x Kinetis K70 120 MHz Tower System Module

2x Tower System Elevator Module

5x Potentiometer

5x Servomotor







bd pwm.png



1. Download the attached file2. Unzip it
3. Upload it to CodeWarrior

servo 2.png

servo 3.png

servo 4.png
4. Compile it

servo 5.png
5. Upload it to the TWR-K70 board
6. Make the connections in the diagram
7. Connect to Power Supply
8. The variation in the potentiometers will vary the position of each motor

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