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Marine Transponder

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Marine Transponder



NXP has a proud heritage of supplying solutions for automotive and aerospace applications.
Many of these solutions also apply to the rapidly evolving field of mobile robotics. Whether your system operates on the ground, under the sea or in the sky, NXP offers a complete portfolio of sensors, controllers and communications solutions.

NXP® processing solutions for transportation systems communication scale from MCUs to multicore MPUs. The transponder is designed to provide high performance and great reliability.

Its user-friendly interface enables an intuitive handling of complex features AIS class A delivers. This solution will cover a wide range of uses for vehicular, marine and flight applications. This solution is based on i.MX RT technology.

Use Cases

Solutions for connecting functional modules within a vehicle or transportation system and connecting them to external networks. Some applications for this could be:

  • Service-Oriented gateways
  • Transponders
  • V2X Communication
  • Ethernet Chassis Switch

Block Diagram



Category MCU
Product URL 1 i.MX RT1050 Crossover MCU with Arm® Cortex®-M7 core 
Product Description 1 The i.MX RT1050 is the industry's first crossover MCU and combines the high-performance and high level of integration on an applications processors with the ease of use and real-time functionality of a microcontroller.
Product URL 2 K22_120: Kinetis® K22-120 MHz, Cost Effective, Full-Speed USB Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on Arm® ... 
Product Description 2

Kinetis® K22 MCUs have been optimized for cost-sensitive applications requiring low power flexibility and processing efficiency.


Category Ethernet PHY
Product URL TJA1101: 2nd generation Ethernet PHY Transceivers - IEEE 100BASE-T1 compliant 
Product Description

TJA1101 is a high-performance single port, IEEE 100BASE-T1 compliant Ethernet PHY Transceiver.

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