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MRFX Design Challenge

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MRFX Design Challenge



NXP received a number of creative submissions over the course of the MRFX Design Challenge. We appreciate the enthusiasm from the community as designers were hard at work on their RF projects.

Now is the moment everyone's been waiting for as NXP proclaims the MRFX Design Challenge winners.

First Place Winner 


Russell Kendrick | Bio + Full Project Description

Project Video: MRFX1K80H 50 MHz

Project Brief
This amplifier is intended to be driven with a modern transceiver with 100 watts output on 50 MHz. To protect the MRFX1K80H from overdrive a series of RF pads are used to reduce the input to the proper level. The input matching is accomplished by using a 9:1 conventional RF transformer formed on an Amidon BN 61-202 core. An 82 nH inductance is in series with the high impedance winding of the transformer. This arrangement yielded an input match of 1.3:1 SWR over the entire 6-meter Amateur band when measured without the pads. Shunt gate resistance is used to prevent oscillation at low frequencies. This is the same approach used in the 27 MHz test circuit from NXP. Bias will be supplied by a DAC driven by the microcontroller that will manage the finished amplifier

Second Place Winner       

RF-MRFX-WINNER2.jpgFloris Roosen | Bio                                                                        
Project Video: Roosen Single-Ended Broadband (87-110 MHz) RF Design



Third Place Winner


Mike Mysliwiec | Bio

Project Video: 2xMRFX1K80H 1.8-54 MHz HF Amplifier


NXP is hosting an RF power amplifier design contest. Applicants will record a video of their power amplifier/demo using NXP’s new 65V LDMOS 1800 W RF Power transistor, MRFX1K80H

The contest is open to students, professional engineers, companies or individuals

Key Dates

  • Contest kick-off: October 30, 2017
  • Submit a video (3-5 minutes in length) no later than Friday, January 26, 2018, by sending a link to any video website, such as YouTube, YouKu or others to
  • Results will be announced on Monday, February 12, 2018

• 1st prize: $3,000 cash award + 15 MRFX1K80H samples. Showcase designer bio and video in an NXP blog
• 2nd prize: $1,000 cash award + 10 MRFX1K80H samples
• 3rd prize: $500 cash award + 10 MRFX1K80H samples
The prize amounts are before tax
All accepted videos will be posted on 

Judging Criteria


How to enter the competition

Please click on the link below for the latest details and to access the MRFX Design Challenge page

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