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Innovation Area

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Innovation Area

This video shows tools that allow users to get started very quickly in their development with NXP products.




Example of products shown:

    • Products in Raspberry Pi format such as the HummingBoard, but more powerful with more memory and more features available
    • Sensor fusion board with multiple accelerometers, Magnetometers, Gyroscopes and sensor fusion software interacting with the Kinetis FRDM board
    • Wandboard with i.MX6 processor, very active developer community, multiple flavors of Linux and Android are available
    • Riot Board - open source i.MX6 board with big expansion capabilities
    • Little Bits which is part of a Hacker community space allows snapping elements together and interacting with them easily
    • CuBox-i from Solid Run (Android or XBMC) and display multimedia stream to TV

Featured NXP Products


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