FRWY LS1046A TP NFC demo

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FRWY LS1046A TP NFC demo

FRWY LS1046A TP NFC demo


The FRWY LS1046A comes with the mikroBUS connector that enables the capability to connect different peripheral depending on the application's requirements. The mikroBUS intends to be used for prototyping purposes that facilitate the interconnection of several peripherals. The PN7120 I2C connection delivers a secure and trustworthy connection between both NXP products.


The following demo belongs to examples of different usages of the LS1046A MPU, these demonstrations will soon be part of the LSDK.

This document showcase the NFC capability to provide an additional layer of security to any access area. NFC access points authorize people with a registered RFID tag to grant access to a particular area. In case the RFID tag isn’t registered or authorized, the access is restricted. The system should alert the denied access to a supervisor in order to take action.

The video below shows two NFC applications that can be implemented in the LS1046A, by connecting the Mikroe-2395 module based on the NXP PN7120. This demonstration allows registering new users by entering sensitive data into a local database. The second application validates an NFC tag by comparing the tag ID, with the ones previously registered in the database. The user can access the applications using the LAN with another device like a tablet, this allows the database to be in a non-easy access location for security purposes.

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NXP NTAG 213/215/216

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