BD BLE/UHF Temperature Logger

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BD BLE/UHF Temperature Logger

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BD BLE/UHF Temperature Logger



Data logger senses parameters such as temperature and processes this data and sends it using UHF/Bluetooth LE.

  • NFC + UHF/Bluetooth LE temperature logging
  • Configuration and logged data read back via NFC
  • Long distance real time data (temperature, total sampling points, out-of-limit points) read back via UHF

Our NTAG SmartSensor portfolio offers single-chip solutions that combine NFC connectivity with autonomous sensing, data processing, and logging. These devices can be easily combined with other companion chips, such as radios or sensor solutions. NTAG SmartSensor devices are ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) products.

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Category Smart Sensor
Product URL 1 NHS3100: NTAG® SmartSensor with Temperature Sensor and Digital IOs 
Product Description 1 The NXP® NHS3100 is an IC optimized for temperature monitoring and logging. With its embedded NFC interface, internal temperature sensor and direct battery connection, it supports an effective system solution with a minimal number of external components.
Product URL 2 NHS3100UCODEADK: NHS3100 - UCODE-I2C 
Product Description 2 This solution is composed of two NXP ICs, the NHS3100 NTAG SmartSensor and the SL354011FHK; connected via I2C. The NHS3100 is the master of the solution, running the temperature monitor and forwarding the state of the controlled goods to the Rain RfiD (UHF) interface.


Category BLE
Product URL 1 QN908x: Ultra-Low-Power Bluetooth Low Energy System on Chip Solution 
Product Description QN908x is an ultra-low-power, high-performance and highly integrated Bluetooth Low Energy solution for Bluetooth® Smart applications such as sports and fitness, human interface devices, and app-enabled smart accessories.


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