PN5180 Datasheet minor fix suggestion

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PN5180 Datasheet minor fix suggestion

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Reading through the PN5180A0xx_C3_C4 Rev 3.7 (3/2/2021) in table 51 Page 49 to 50 the "Random UID enable field is duplicated to both EEPROM addresses 0x51 and 0x58. However the FELICIA_POLLING_RESPONSE is set to address 0x46 of size 18 bytes. Thus it would take up 0x46 -> 0x57 (Inclusive). So I believe the 0x51 Random UID enable address is incorrect. Despite in the description for both the 0x51 and 0x58 referring only to the 0x51 address. So this is a little confusing to follow.
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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Thanks for your information. We will forward it to the related team.

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