NTAG PC Demo Source Code - project setup guide

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NTAG PC Demo Source Code - project setup guide

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I'm just starting to look at the NTAG I2C Plus PC software, to play around and see what I can create for some useful demos.  I have seen that NXP provide the source code for their PC application - is there also a "how to guide" to setup and get the project working?  I'm a firmware guy, and have the firmware (i.e. my hardware working with the NTAG chip) working well, but I need a dummies guide to setting up the PC project side of things to start making some changes and moving my development forward.

Any help would be great.  

Many thanks!


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I assume you have the explorer kit , is that correct? Or do you have the Arduino shield ?

If you are working with the explorer kit you can see that NTAG I2C plus Explorer Kit  in the documentation section you might find just what you are looking for.

To start working with the board you can check the NTAG I²C plus Explorer Kit -Program and Debug Start-up

If you are interested in developing with Android I would recommend you this NTAG I²C plusDemo Android app Developer start-up guide

And from the PC side you can check this NTAG I²C plus Explorer Kit Peek and Poke

There are some codes as well in the page of the product that you can use as a base in your development.

Hope it helps.



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