NFC r/w BLE wearable reference design and SDK wanted

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NFC r/w BLE wearable reference design and SDK wanted

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Hi folks, .. your help is needed.

What we are doing: A to be developed device in close proximity to an active battery powered NFC tag will send data via Bluetooth to a mobile device. To make the NFC Tag accessible via Bluetooth an NFC to BLE bridging device (HW and Software) is required. 

to be developed device:

  • NFC initiator, active TAG reader device
  • BLE send/receive to communicate with e.g. smartphone
  • controller to control communication, data caching, sleep modes
  • memory <100k for data caching

what we want

  • help to find a reference design and SDK
  • would be interested in NXP development support
  • raise your interest in our challenge

Who we are: We are a startup developing AI software for medical applications. We are engineers, know how to code, 

Thx! Your help is highly appreciated, Thomas

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ultra low power‌

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I believe that the  NFC-BLE smart lock kit|NXP will work for you, but does it? 

If that it's too specific and do not serves your purpose, could you please help me with a little more detail on what kind of HW are you looking for?

We have some NFC shields that can work with the KW41Z  that can help you through the development while you design your board and most of the schematics are available.

Also, it will depend on which capabilities of the BLE chip are you looking like how many connections are you expecting to have on the BLE side? is there a specific BLE version you wish to use? Do you want to use certain ISO on the NFC side? which type of tags are you planning to use? 

Please let me know.

If you do not want to share more details in a public way of your project you can also enter a case in the Support|NXP  page and mention this link as reference. 

Best regards, 


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