Losing connection: NTAG I2C Plus and Blackberry

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Losing connection: NTAG I2C Plus and Blackberry

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I'm facing the problem, that the blackberry priv (Android) is losing nfc connection with my own application and the NTAG I2C Demo (ntag evaluation kit). In case of the NTAG I2C demo app the speed test is critical and for my application frequently reading & writing the sram (bidirectional communtication). The connection is stabe for around 10s to 60s and the tag is randomly lost. The other features of the demo(reading ntag data in a Loop and other stuff) are working without a losing the Connection. I think I read somewhere that the nfc chip manufacturer is inside secure for the blackberry priv. With a Samsung Galaxy S3 I'm having no problems, but for the S3 the nfc chip is from NXP. So I think it might be a compatibility issue.

Is this a known issue and is there a workaround available?



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