VDS currents are higher than expected (MW7IC930N)

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VDS currents are higher than expected (MW7IC930N)

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I'm currently working on a prototype power amp using the MW7IC930N. In my ADS simulation, I used 28V for VDS1 and VDS2, and 3.16V and 2.922V for VGS1 and VGS2 respectively to get optimum performance (Gain = 35dB). The current consumption is 106mA and 286mA for VDS1 and VDS2.

However when I used the same voltages in my actual setup I'm getting a combined current of 1.1A (I'm using a single 28V supply for VDS1 and VDS2) and only a gain of 20-21 dB. Is there something that I could be missing?

I made sure that my pcb is properly grounded and that the IC has a proper heatsink below it.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi jason.hipolito@entropysolution.com

I do not want to disappoint you but this community is related with MATLAB/Simulink Model Based Design Toolbox issues.

I think it would be better if you could post your questing into RF related communities like: https://community.nxp.com/community/other/content?filterID=contentstatus[published]~category[rf]

Hope this helps!


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