MQX K53 custom board configuration

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MQX K53 custom board configuration

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I'm using a MK53DN512CMD10 microcontroller on a custom board with a external cristal 8MHz and MQX.

I made a bsp clon with the BSP cloning wizard and tried to configure the clock reference using processor expert.

When i try to run code it got stuck in the next line at the dispatch.S file:


                /* woohoo, idle task must be enabled, this point cannot be reachable, you have serious problem */

               b .

I have a couple of questions:

¿Can MQX on a K53DN512 work with a external cristal ?

¿How do i configure MQX clock?

I´ll be thankful for your answer


Alberto Peña

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Alberto,

Please check the below warning

The TWR-K53N512 BSP has been created for the TWR-K53N512, Rev.C schematics (SCH-26994), Rev.X3 BOM

(700-26694). This TWR-K53N512 board is populated by PK53N512CMD100. The BSP does not work for TWRK53N512

boards populated by MK53DN512CMD10 with the 4N22D mask set. A workaround is to use the

twrk60d100m BSP for this kind of TWR-K53N512 board.

I think this is the issue. Could you please try again cloning the wtrk60d100m BSP instead the twrk53?

Please let me know if this helps.

Have a great day,

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