Freescale MQX™ 4.0.2 Release

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Freescale MQX™ 4.0.2 Release

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Freescale MQX™ 4.0.2 Release

The new Freescale MQX™ 4.0.2  release is now available on the

·         Files available







Freescale   MQX™ RTOS 4.0.2 Release Notes



Freescale   MQX™ FFS package 4.0.2 Release Notes



Freescale   MQX™ Atheros Wifi package 4.0.2 Release Notes


Freescale   MQX RTOS 4.0.2 Atheros Wifi package

Atheros   Wifi solution for MQX™ 4.0.2


Freescale   MQX RTOS 4.0.2 FFS package

NAND   Flash File System solution for MQX™ 4.0.2


Freescale   MQX RTOS 4.0.2

MQX™   Source code. Includes an RTOS, File   System, TCP/IP and USB host/device software stacks. Does not require MQX™ 4.0   installation.

·         What is New?

o   AutoEVB Vybrid A5 and M4 Board support packages

§  Support for CortexA5 and CortexM cores of dual core Vybrid processor

§  Supporting standard set of IO drivers

o   Vybrid BSP extensions

§  RTC and NAND flash driver ported to Vybrid platform

§  MMU support extended by handling of 4KB memory block

§  Introduced new QuadSPI driver

§  CortexM4 boot option enabled.

§  Direct code execution from QuadSPI flash – XIP provided. Feature demonstrated in Vybrid QuadSPI bootloader.

Introduced the first version of eDMA driver – the driver is experimental and will be further extended in the next MQX version. Documentation is not provided.

o   Kinetis SPI driver was updated to use the eDMA driver.

o   Hardware timer driver support extended to Systick and GPT HW modules. Kinetis and Vybrid BSPs updated to leverage the Hardware timer to provide MQX tick time.

o   RTCS Hardware checksum acceleration enabled in ENET driver (for TCP and UDP); the benefits are the increased throughput and a reduced processor loading. This option is enabled by default for the K60N512 platform.

o   HTTP server redesigned to provide a faster and more robust solution. The server API is simplified and changed to correspond to the RTCS standard.

o   New SMTP client functionality provided as a part of the RTCS network suite. The client offers a simple API for e-mail handling. The new RTCS Shell command “email” demonstrates its functionality.

o   The security_email, security_webserver, and security_telnet demo applications are removed from this release. Networking functionality is demonstrated in RTCS shell and httpsrv example applications.

o   Multicore Communication (MCC) library updated to version 1.1. Fixed the incorrect usage of cache macros in the mcc_send() function.

·         Known issues

o   For known issues and limitations please consult the release notes.

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