eTPU engine control library: how would I desync CRANK?

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eTPU engine control library: how would I desync CRANK?

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If I decide that I need to desynchronize the CRANK function in the eTPU engine control library (AN4907 section 4.1.3), so that the crank state (.eng_pos_state) becomes FS_ETPU_ENG_POS_SEEK, is there any affordances to do that?

Would I just halt the appropriate channels and re-erect them or is there a more clever way?



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Andrei,

I guess your intention here is to inject fault, correct? Such an option to re-synchronize CRANK function is not implemented within the library code.

What do you mean by halting the channels? If you mean by this disabling priority to CRANK channel than yes, this is not the best way to do since doing this you manage to re-synchronize the function but the behavior after enabling the eTPU CRANK function channel is undefined - the signal at the input would still cause transition and match requests on eTPU engine but they just would not be serviced and would accumulate.

The more cleaner way to do this would be to disable eTPU functionality for the pin that is used for CRANK function and set GPIO functionality instead and after some time enable eTPU functionality again.

Could you, please, specify more in detail your requirements and describe your use-case? Based on that we may consider adding this feature (re-sycn of crank) to our library.



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