How to debug etpu?

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How to debug etpu?

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how to debug etpu codes in cw for etpu ?
my hardware is trk-mpc5634 and i use built in usb for debug.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, typically developing process of eTPU function means using of eTPU compiler and simulator as well as debugger is usually of out game (for instance imagine motor driving when hardly you can put breakpoint to the code during runtime) and it is used to the test of application at the end. Thus debugger will be needed in conjunction with target MCU.

Below I am attaching general answer for eTPU usage. Hope it helps


eTPU is an complex I/O co-processor. You can use it two ways:

1) with using of eTPU functions prepared by NXP

2) to create your own function or modify NXP’s function


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For using eTPU functions pre-prepared by NXP (the ones you can download by eTPU Function Selector) without modification you don’t need any eTPU compiler. See


Also there is some new version, currently containing only some functions:


Only download them, configure by eTPU graphical configuration tool (GCT), include all needed files to CodeWarrior or other compiler and use it.


GCT is the tool which is intended to configure most of functions prepared by NXP that can be downloaded as a pack here:


Here you can example procedure how to use eTPU PWM function, step by step:


Every eTPU FUNCTION has its own descriptive documents (application note), its software attachment usually contains some simple example code:



Ad 2)

If you cannot fit our existing eTPU function to your application you can write your own function or modify the existing one you will need eTPU compiler and simulator.


Currently there are 2 options (preferred solution is no.1):

1) Ashware solution (compiler + simulator)


2) NXP eTPU2 Development Suite (compiler + simulator)


Buying of following book could be good start point for developing you own eTPU function or library:

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