Can the ECC checks be disabled on the MPC5777M?

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Can the ECC checks be disabled on the MPC5777M?

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We are getting a processor reset because of a double bit error on the flash originating from the ECC checks and would like to disable the checks and rely on the check sum to test the integrity of flash.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, ECC mechanism cannot be disabled.

The only exception is reporting of ECC events on data flash where ECC event reporting is suppressed, single-bit and multi-bit ECC errors are not reported (either to the core or to MEMU module). On multi-bit ECC event, the corrupted read data is replaced with a fixed, ECC-clean illegal opcode value of 0x1555_1555.

Single-bit ECC events on code flash accesses are automatically corrected and reported to the MEMU (if enabled). On multi-bit ECC event, core responds with bus error (IVOR1 exception) and an error is reported to MEMU module.

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