MPC5777C MCAN SDK Example

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MPC5777C MCAN SDK Example

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MPC5777C MCAN SDK Example


This is a mcan sdk demo on MPC5777C.
Transmit data in turn and received data.
CANFD is not used and extended id is used.
Both Tx and Rx use interrupt.

All documents are in [mpc5777c_test_mcan/mpc5777c_test_mcan_Z7_0/Documentation] folder.

## Board

MPC5777C-416DS + MPC57xx MOTHERBOARD (SCH-27237 REV C)

## CAN PC Client


## Compiler

powerpc-eabivle-gcc with S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture IDE



## Pin

PC[19] - MCAN0 Tx
PC[20] - MCAN0 Rx

## SDK


## Caution

1. Error to send data bytes which are not multiple times of 4 with
MCAN_StartSendData() in mcan_driver.c. So MCAN_StartSendData() must be modified.
Modified position is 606 to 607 lines in mcan_driver.c.
2. MCAN_DRV_InstallEventCallback() hasn't been implemented yet, must be added.

## Revision History

Release 1.0.0 - 2018/12/19 - Jacob Peng -

* Mod: MCAN_StartSendData() in mcan_driver.c
* Add: MCAN_DRV_InstallEventCallback() in mcan_driver.c
* Add: Demo application

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