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This session will explain how Freescale can enable customers to develop 76-81 GHz short and long range radar applications using the MPC577xK MCU, it will explain the concepts of the radar algorithms, including practical aspects such as SDADC or MIPI CSI sampling, Chirp Generation, Data Compression, R,V FFT, Detection and Tracking algorithms, and the benefits of the new Freescale IP that can allow them to improve their system resolution and accuracy. In this session customers will take away a detailed understanding of how to develop fast modulation radar systems using the MPC577xK MCU including the BOM cost advantages it also brings.

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PPT expert has completed the presentation review. The latest version is posted and ready for Marcom review @Lisa Bradley

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to make sure you were tagged to this file. It is ready for your review. Please let Andy know when you will be pulling the file in case he has additional changes he would like to make before your review. Lisa Bradley

Hi andrewrobertson

I am reviewing a bunch of FTF presentations.  A few comments on yours....

  • Are you intending to put something after your summary and conclusions?  Can you...   Your closing thoughts, perhaps some URL's like freescale.com/adas or similiar
  • The abstract refers to BOM cost advantages but I don't really see that in the slides (maybe slide 27) but it's a very small reference.  Just wondering if you should call it out more since it was important enough to mention in the abstract.

Renee Fortenberry

Adding Deactivated user since he will be helping review this file for Lisa Bradley

I have loaded the Marcom reviewed version to this link to help document the review cycle. Here are comments after the Marcom review:

I have approved this presentation after making minor changes to punctuation. I have other concerns to highlight:

  1. Slide 4 says: FMCW operation is independent of the speed or direction of travel of the target high precision. Andrew, is “target high precision” correct?
  2. No Summary and Conclusion section exists in this presentation. Andrew, please add a summary/conclusion and upload the final version based on the attached.

Hi Andrew Robertson

Please take Brian and John's notes into consideration when finalizing your presentation. Please make sure to use the latest version when making any changes. Once you have finalized your presentation please upload the final file here by selecting "Edit" under Actions and click Publish at the bottom of the page no later than Monday, June 15th. Please help to select the Category "4. Final Version - Ready for PDF and Web" when this final version is posted so I know to pull your file for PDF conversion.

Hi Andrew Robertson

I wanted to check to see if you had your final file.

I need to do one last review and then convert it to PDF to include it on the FTF App and public community page.

Please help to upload this by selecting "Edit" under Actions as soon as possible.


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