Example MPC5777C MCAN-FD simpleTX RX-ISR GHS616

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Example MPC5777C MCAN-FD simpleTX RX-ISR GHS616

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Example MPC5777C MCAN-FD simpleTX RX-ISR GHS616

* Detailed Description:
* Configures the MCANs to transmit and receive a CAN FD message with or without
* bit rate switching for data phase. This is defined by BRS macro.
* Baudrate during arbitration phase is set to 500kbps, during data phase 1Mpbs
* because of PHY used on the EVB.
* In this config, MCAN_0 transmits a message. MCAN_1 receives the message.
* MCAN_0 sends message each 1sec. This interval is generated by PIT.
* Single TX buffer is used to send n bytes. The message ID is changed for each
* transmission. Two standard and 2 extended IDs are sent.
* MCAN_1 is configured to receive a message, ISR is used to read new message.
* There are 2 standard and 2 extended ID filter tables defined. Classic filter
* configuration is set, means filter ID & mask.
* Messages with matched standard ID are received into RXFIFO_0, messages with matched
* extended ID then stored in RXFIFO_1.
* EVB connection:
* J37 and J38 to position 2-3 to connect MCAN1 TX/RX to transceiver
* CAN0-CANH on P15-1 to CAN1-CANH on P14-1
* CAN0-CANL on P15-2 to CAN1-CANL on P14-2
* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Test HW:         MPC5777C-512DS Rev.A + MPC57xx MOTHER BOARD Rev.C
* MCU:             PPC5777CMM03 2N45H CTZZS1521A
* Fsys:            PLL1 = core_clk = 264MHz, PLL0 = 192MHz
* Debugger:        Lauterbach Trace32
* Target:          internal_FLASH
* Terminal:        19200-8-no parity-1 stop bit-no flow control on eSCI_A
*           use USB connector (J21) on minimodule
* EVB connection:  ETPUA30 (PortP P23-15) --> USER_LED_1 (P7-1)
*                  ETPUA31 (PortP P23-14) --> USER_LED_2 (P7-2)

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Hello PetrS

Could you check my question about thie code?

when I cheked main.c, I think that #define MCAN1_BASE_ADDR 0xFFEE8000 is not correct.

As far as I know, MCAN1's base is 0xFFE3_8000...

Could you check it?

Thank you.

Hi Luke,

yes, you are correct. The MCAN1's base is 0xFFE3_8000 on MPC5777C.

In fact this macro is not used in the code, so have no effect. 

It comes from other project (for MPC5777M I think) and I forgot to delete it.

BR, Petr

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