Import project(s) from file system MCUXpresso IDE

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Import project(s) from file system MCUXpresso IDE

Import project(s) from file system MCUXpresso IDE

Dear Community,

The purpose of this document is to show how to integrate projects from the file system to MCUXpresso IDE.

It is actually not that complicated as you might have imagined. 

Let's begin...

The import project(s) from file system option is included in the Quickstart Panel, which is located in the lower left corner of the IDE.


Type / Paste the location of the folder (either zipped or unpacked). Then, click Next button.pastedImage_10.png

Finally, select all the project folders / examples you want to be imported.


Now, they will be accessible and available from the Project explorer.


Happy development!

Best regards,

Ivan R.


Hi Ivan,

first of all thanks for the post. My problem with the library is that I can´t link the library files to my custom project, also I'm not using any nxp board. We are using a PN512 chip as frontend and a KL17 as MCU but in a custom board designed by a partner. I've been working on the porting for two days and I've readed lots of post in the community about porting to PN5180, PN7420 but no one related of PN512. Also I have noticed that in all examples there are two types of files, "ph_Nxp_Built_App.h" and also "phApp_Init.h". I suppose that this files initialize the demo application but the header file of the main file, has the functions of the app, so, what is the porpose of having a "phApp_Init.h" and a "phApp_Init.c" file?. Also I want to ask you, that we are not using FreeRTOS so I found this post to configure NULLOS mode, beside this, do I have to configure anything else?.

PN5180 Library with software set to PH_OSAL_NULLOS (NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop) not working 

My main goal is tu compile and run the basicloop demo code for my KL17 and PN512.

Thanks for all and kind regards.

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